Raúl Lozza 

1971 - He was awarded the Golden Medal from the National Chamber of Deputies.
1986 - The Fortabat Biennial granted him a Special Mention.
- He received a Life Achievement Award from the Art Critics Argentine Association.
1989 - He received the "Don Quijote y Sancho" Prize from the Ibero American Institute. 
1991 - The National Academy of Fine Arts granted him the Palanza Prize.
1992 - He was awarded a Merit Diploma and the Konex Platinum Statuette.
1992 - He received the National Life Achievement Award from the National Department of Culture. 
- He was appointed Distinguished Citizen of his home town, Alberti.

1993 - He was appointed Prominent Neighbor of Tilcara, Jujuy, where a salon, which is named after him, was inaugurated with some of his paintings. 
1998 - The National Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Critics Association granted him the Leonardo Prize for his long career.
1999 - He was invited as Guest of Honor by the Sacasen Foundation in Germany. The Concrete Art Museum was opened, where 30 works of Raul Lozza were exhibited.
1999 - He was decorated with the Jorge Dimitrov Order by the Government of Bulgary for his artistic career and for his advocation of peace and the fight against Nazism.
2000 - The Society of Magazine and Newspaper Distributors granted him the "Recorrido Dorado" Prize for the plastic artist of the year. 
2001  - He received the “Gran Café Tortoni” Prize at the suggestion of the Peace Foundation of Buenos Aires.
2002  - He was appointed Member of Honor of the Argentine Color Group.
2002  - He was invited as Guest of Honor to the celebration of the Centenary of the Rosa Galisteo Museum in Santa Fe.
2003  - He was awarded an Honor Diploma by the University of Philosophy, History and Literature of the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires.
2004  - He was appointed Prominent Neighbor of La Paternal, Buenos Aires.
2005  - He offered the closing speech as a special guest in the International Color Congress. 
2007  - The Department of Culture of Argentina granted him the Nation Culture Prize. On January 27th, 2008, few months after receiving this award, he died in the City of Buenos Aires.


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